Saturday, November 11, 2006

Enslaved - Path To Vanir - video clip

This is from the album "Ruun" and song has duration 4:21.

Enslaved is a progressive black/viking metal band from Haugesund, Norway. They formed in May 1991 by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson when they were 13 and 17 years old. They had been playing in a death metal band called Phobia, but like many in the burgeoning black metal movement, they were looking for new sources of inspiration and expression. Though they began as a prototypical Norwegian black metal band, they have recently explored more progressive styles, starting with Eld but reaching its most prominent beginning with Mardraum.

Enslaved are: Ivar Bjørnson, Grutle Kjellson, Arve Isdal, Cato Bekkevold, Herbrand Larsen


Path To Vanir

Awaiting my death, gasping for air
The relief emerge, the mistress so fair

Don't abandon me, please grant me life
I embrace your powers, higher wisdom's wife

I've been fighting in vain, but they grew too strong
For my kinsmen this day became far too long

I lie in the open, waiting to die
Were all my life's beauty built on a lie?

My grace you shall get, because I welcome your return
(If) you're not the hidden into sadness I'll turn
I've come to your rescue now before your last breath
My love you will receive, but it will be your death

Fear not, said the mistress, the lady of light
Those who betrayed us would not stand the fright

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